SEO Service for Restaurants

People must taste your secret family recipes. A family who just moved into Texas decides to celebrate by having steak. They know nothing about Morton’s or Ruth’s Chris (two of the best steak houses in US). So they do what the rest of the world does when they don’t know something. They Google it the SEO Services in Restaurants.

New customers making decisions with little or no data will use the internet. After typing: “Steakhouse Texas,” a list of 10 websites appear – none of which are Morton’s or Ruth’s Chris. Even if a business is known to be among the best in their craft it doesn’t mean customers will find them on the web. Make sure fresh customers find you online by using restaurant seo & online marketing.

If you want internet users to find your website, you need search engine optimization (SEO). Having a company website does not guarantee customers. That’s because 90% of internet users will only click on among the top 10 search results.

Imagine what it would be like to be among the top 3 results. All the top 10 search results are located in the first search engine results page (SERP). The only way to ensure that you get new customers is to be among the top 10 search results.’s restaurant internet marketing gets you a consistent stream of fresh customers.

“Would you like some fries with that?” In addition to restaurant SEO, it’s prudent to use social media marketing. That’s because there are other ways the family could have made a decision. They could have used business directory sites and reviews from Yelp or gone asked their friends at Facebook.

People who want to eat won’t travel too far just to have a bite. Statistics from Google have shown that 60% of all searches (in Google) are for local businesses. As a result, Google evolved its Google Maps by creating Google Places. Now surfers can find local businesses on any medium (smartphone, pc, tablet). They can even see restaurant rankings, comments, your dress code, price range, and even the house specialty.

Our Google Places SEO is a fantastic way to target anyone within your vicinity. will make sure that people searching for your menu whether at home or mobile, will find you. By the time customers arrive at your restaurant, they will be salivating for the house specialty.

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