Real Estate SEO Services

Be the real estate authority in your area. Home buyers don’t use traditional media to locate a realtor. They use the internet. Similarly, home sellers also search for realtor services through the net.  Will your website be the one they go to for real estate SEO services?

Utilize real estate internet marketing services to get you found by an endless stream of new clients & sellers. The best way to get fresh leads is through the internet. Our real estate SEO services gets you found when people search for your services. SEO means search engine optimization and it is essentially the practice of getting a website found.

Building a website does not guarantee it will be found by clients. Our real estate website SEO gives your website online visibility so that you can be searched and found by buyers and sellers. For instance: if a buyer types “Florida Beach Realtor” your website will pop up among the top results in Google. It won’t matter either if they use other search engines such as Yahoo! or Bing. You will be found.

The best way to get found is by ranking among the top search results in Google. That’s because 90% of internet users will only visit websites among the first page of the search engine results. That is to say that the majority of people in need of your services will only be choosing among 7-10 websites. They won’t bother with the rest. Real Estate SEO is the only way to insure that customers can find you on the web.

It’s become increasingly important to mark yourself in virtual maps. That’s because 60% of internet searches are for local businesses. Consequently, Google Maps has evolved into Google Places. Be found locally by using Google Places SEO. When clients Google “realtor” in their area using their mobile device (e.g. smart-phone) they will find you. They will see your name, contact, website, address and get directions on how to get to you.

We perform SEO for real estate agents and for large brokerages. Even if you currently have a website, we can redesign it so that it can be found by clients and seller who need your services.  We do more than SEO for the real estate industry. Our experience has taught us that reputation matters a lot for realtors.

Clients ask their friends in Facebook about other people. We use social media optimization to build your reputation so that you get highly recommended compared to the competition. Our Facebook marketing is a great way to do online PR. We create a Facebook page for you with meaningful content and we get you “liked.” Get your online reputation managed by an expert.

Putting ads at bus stops and other traditional advertising media are far more expensive and difficult to measure in conversions. Our real estate internet marketing packages are tailored to your needs. Be the authority of your neighborhood. Contact us to get a free website analysis now.

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