Lawyer SEO

A winning streak is useless if there are no new clients to brag to about it. Clients don’t use the yellow pages or newspapers to find a lawyer.  They Google it and type in exactly what they want: “Criminal Lawyer LA.” You may have a website, but it doesn’t mean new clients will find it in Google. You have to hire someone who can do the SEO for Your Attorney website.

That’s because Google’s first page results only has space for 10 websites (not including ads). If you’re among the top 10, you’re losing the majority of potential clients to competitors. Just how much opportunities are you losing? Statistics show that 90% of these potential clients will ONLY CLICK from among the top 10 websites. It is no coincidence that websites in the first search engine results page (serp) get the most clients.

The best way to get your website among the top is to use search engine optimization (SEO) and lawyer internet marketing. When people search on the web, they type in a word or phrase known as the keyword. To be associated with keywords is what it means to be optimized. Our attorney SEO optimizes you to be found for certain keywords that your clients will likely type in Google.

For example, a tax lawyer in Florida should be optimized for the keyword “Tax Lawyer Florida.”  Returning to our tax lawyer in Florida – if that attorney’s website were optimized for “Lawyer Florida” it would not yield the best possible results. “Lawyer Florida” is not well planned because it is possible that a visitor may be interested in a divorce lawyer, not a tax lawyer. If that website visitor leaves the website, it would be devastating to that website’s visibility. A website can be optimized for several keywords so that it maximizes client targeting.

The second method we use is social media optimization. Think of it as public relations for you online in various social circles like Facebook, Twitter or LinkedIn. A well executed social media optimization campaign will build your reputation and yield many referrals. In short you will come highly recommended – but that’s just the tip of the iceberg for social media marketing.

A massive 60% of internet searches in Google are for local businesses. Target local clients by using Google Places SEO (aka Google Maps Marketing). When someone in your city (or within the vicinity) types “criminal lawyer” on their smartphone or mobile device you will be the first thing they see with your name, contact info and directions on how to get to you.

We have deep experience getting legal firms of various sizes found online.  Get found by a consistent stream of new clients by using Lawyer SEO on your website. Sign up and get a free website analysis.

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