SEO Services for Dentist

Be the first thing people see when they’ve got a real pain in the toooothh! Imagine – someone has an unbearable toothache in the middle of the night and is willing to pay top dollar to make the pain stop. It just so happens that you specialize in dental care emergencies and even do house calls. The customer types dentist in his iPhone but you don’t appear among the websites shown.

You have a website, so why can’t you be found? Getting you found online is our business. Building a site does not guarantee it will even have visitors (traffic). That’s because 90% of all online customers only click the top search results (especially when they are in pain).

The top search results consist of only 10 websites which are all listed in the 1st search results page of a search engine. The major search engines people use are Google, Yahoo! and Bing. Get dentist SEO services and dentist internet marketing to get your website found among the top search results by customers on any major search engine.

SEO stands for search engine optimization. When a website is search engine optimized, it means it is designed to be found by clients searching for your services through the internet. When a client with a toothache types “dentist San Francisco 24hr”, your website will appear among the top search results.

60% of all searches in Google are for local businesses. In conjunction with dentist SEO we recommend you use the Google Places SEO to target locally. Anyone searching for your services within your vicinity (city) will see you. It won’t matter whether they are using a pc, smartphone, iPhone or any other mobile device.

Become the family dentist. Reputation is critical especially for those who need braces. You can build a reputation by using the unique features of social media optimization. For example we optimize your LinkedIn page by adding numerous recommendations that can be traced. Our Facebook marketing will get you “liked” by people and we will create meaningful content that targets customers talking about your services such as teeth whitening.

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