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Can customers find you on the web? 97% of consumers research on the internet before making a purchase decision. Make sure these customers see you online.

Having a website does not guarantee any visitors. There can be millions of websites competing in the same industry.  However, 90% of all internet users will only visit websites from the 1st search results page. The first search results page only has room for 10 websites (excluding ads). Imagine the opportunities when you rank among the top 4 websites.

Local Search Engine Optimization

Search Engine Optimization (SEO) is the only way to ensure that you get found online. It is the primary, proven and measurable method of online marketing. When a website is optimized it is designed to be found by internet users and search engines such as Google. Use local SEO to get you ranking among the top.

SEO is a cost-effective strategy & requires minimal capital expenditure. It is more economical and has higher ROI than traditional advertising. A major advantage is that you can monitor your local SEO campaign anytime, anywhere with precision. The best part is your campaign can be customized to suit your needs and runs 24 hours a day all year.

Social Media Optimization & Facebook Marketing

The growing use of Facebook and social networks has created incredible business opportunities. Use social media optimization to get the word out about you. Engage your customers and fans more closely with Facebook marketing. Let them know of upcoming sales promotions, big events and new product lines.

Use twitter marketing to send quick messages. You can customize these to link to your Facebook page or company website. You can even send quick tips and attach a link to a video you created marketing your products!

Are you a professional who relies heavily on reputation? Use our LinkedIn marketing to build your online reputation. Connect with other professionals and get credible recommendations to build your reputation.   People will judge you based on what they see online.

Make a positive impact and lasting first impression. Strengthen your brand and get more referrals with social media optimization.

Google Places SEO & Maps Marketing

After researching online, nearly all consumers shop for products and services in their city. Did you know that 60% of searches in Google alone are for local businesses? Google created Google Places – a new way to search for local businesses.

Look no further for a geo-targeting solution. Our Google Places SEO will make sure the locals find you first.

Small Business Web Marketing using PPC

There is a realistic way to get ranked at the top fast. When properly planned and managed, pay per click advertising is an effective online marketing medium. Its drawback is that it takes away per click from revenues making it more suitable for short term sales. Many small business web marketing strategies combine SEO & PPC. They use PPC while they are waiting for the organic SEO to build their rank up.

Make sure 97% of customers find you on the web. Contact us and get a free website analysis.

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