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97% of consumers go online when researching products or services in their local area. Imagine the locals finding you all the time. Get customers to your store with Google Places SEO.

Nearly all consumers shop for products and services in their city. But before they do – they use the internet. Did you know that 60% of searches in Google alone are for local businesses? In response to this massive search volume, Google added new features to Google Maps. They created Google Places – a way to search for local businesses.

Try Googling “steakhouses in Chicago.” Notice 7 restaurants listed which are all Steakhouses in Chicago. The restaurant name, customer reviews, phone number and address with a map all appear instantly. Imagine yourself – ranking among the top results in Google. Google Places will definitely get local customers to your doorstep. Finally, a Google Maps Marketing solution that geo-targets consumers.

Google Places replaces paper phone directories which can cost thousands of dollars. It is a far less expensive alternative to traditional advertising – in fact, to list in Google Places is free. The difficulty is how to rank on the first page of Google. With Google Places SEO you will get to the top. Make sure customers find you first.

Quickly tell customers what they need to know. When properly optimized, your Google Places listing will communicate the right information to the right people.  We associate you for the right keywords with optimized media and more. Show customers what they want to know to get them to your website.

Increase your Presence in Search Engine

Google Places increases your website’s search engine optimization. Anyone searching for your commodities will have an easier time finding your website. You can offer discounts and coupons at your site and showcase your products and services . The more easily customers find you online the opportunities for sales you receive.

Consumers will find you on all mobile devices (e.g. iPhone & iPad) – they don’t need a PC. According to Google, 40% of all mobile searches (in Google) are “local in nature and continues to trend upward.”  Mobile operators and manufactures factor in Google Places in the design to be. Imagine the possibilities of your business at the hands of the city.

Get your Google Places campaign managed by a professional. Visitors or your customers can review you online. It is imperative that you make the best impression and filter out spammers and illegitimate reviewers.  In as little as a month (not years) expect to see your Google rank increase.  In fact, you’ll be able precisely to monitor the number of visitors to your website. Make more money than you did before.

Businesses are just starting to realize the possibilities of Google Places. Stay ahead of the competition. Get found locally with Google Places SEO. Contact us

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